Raiders of the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Who is Ankh?

A time after the civil war begun, a mysterious figure cloaked in countless layers of cloaks. They drift to and from the city randomly, any time theyre persued, they disappear. They have only ever been communicated with by random acts of charity, or a suspect of a major crime suddenly is found tied with evidence in front of city hall.

Typically, they are near when a strange foreign bird is circling the city. They are wanted by authorities because rich houses are being looted of priceless treasures, with the only evidence left behind being a large sum of money. They reportedly are of darker skin, and having a stoic voice.


Merchants in Rell are tied to vast fortunes from their ancestors. There are three families, with effectively infinite resources. The Quarz, The Gemmesh, and The Flagrans. Each have an ancestral specialty and run an oligarchy through shops across the city, there are no independent businesses

Culture of Rell

The remnants that lay within Rell can tell you that even still, the inhabitants are deeply connected to their gods, which explains why the artifacts located there are so powerful. Stories of a mask that will show anyone who looks at the wearer their greatest fear, a flute which was said to have been used by the gods to create the wind, and so fourth.

It is hypothesised that these powerful relics came with a price, debilitating curses. Permanently losing vision, sacrificing a family member, forever smelling like a corpse. These relics likely attributed to the strength of the old kingdom, but the curses led to the empire’s downfall as well

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